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Alani Gibbon - Inala London designer

"I'm a fashion impostor. My background is actually in music, but I see myself as an all-round creative. My mum has worked as a cutter in couture fashion for over 30 years, so she has been my main teacher. I started off in 2008 with my handmade knitwear accessories label Larde Darde London. Then in May 2009 I designed the Inala multi-dress from a piece of fabric that I'd found in my cupboard and decided then to explore the concept of transformable clothing."

Fluidity, versatility, practicality and imagination are what Inala London signifies. Nothing is really new and undiscovered in the world of fashion. You can't reinvent the simple form of a dress or trousers for example, so designing transformable clothing allows you the freedom to create something that's a bit like a magic trick.

We create resourceful fashion. Multi-functional clothing is growing quickly in appeal, because people realise it makes sense. Having one garment that can transform itself into many different garments saves money, space and time. We are always trying to find ways to cut down on waste within the company. We have just designed a dress that uses all the scraps of fabric left behind after cutting. It feels good to create something wearable out of what many would describe as waste.

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