Guest Bloggers

Give A Nod To By-Gone Eras With Carla Beeby

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Carla Beeby pride themselves on being understated but full of wonder, each bag a luxurious leather and every piece influenced from a time long gone. Every bag is handmade in London, giving each piece a unique and home-grown feel.

The Evie bag is the perfect combination of stylish and practical. Large enough to hold your laptop or books, it is the ideal candidate for both student and businesswoman with a vintage doctor’s bag feel.

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Strange Of London Shows That Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Bee-Holder

Monday, September 10th, 2012

You may find them a darn nuisance when they’re buzzing around your bathroom, drowning in a leftover cuppa or crawling on your ice-cream, but Strange of London’s new collection will have you changing your tune about the British bee. Dedicated to creating innovative jewellery that raises awareness of the natural world around us, each of their exquisitely detailed creations honours the honey-makers’ plight. With ornate embellishment the take home message of autumn/winter trends, there’s no better way to toast the fading glory of these golden insects and crown yourself queen-bee than by snatching up one of these gorgeous pieces.

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Our Top Picks From Fairytales & Hidden Notes

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Bourne from a childhood filled with imaginary adventures and creations, you could say that Fairytales & Hidden Notes’ story began long ago in a young girls imagination. This whimsical label features functional bubble blower necklaces and cartoon silhouettes (featured below) to name but a few of the quirky trinkets that will feed your own creative energies and leave your friends baffled by your fashionable eye.  Delve into this jewellery sweet shop and drape yourself in finery directly from the designers imagination!

Bubble Blower Necklace - Fairytales & Hidden Notes - £25fairytales-bubble-blower-necklace


Embrace your inner child with the (working) Bubble Blower Necklace for £25! This fun neck candy measures 60cm long and is constructed using a gold tone metal and even comes with bubble solution. Wear with a light chiffon blouse and cut-off denim shorts with messy hair and peach toned make-up for a free-spirited, 1970’s vibe. Feel free to accessorize with a corn field on a lazy summer afternoon… Read More.....

Make Time For Tee

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee kicked off all things British in 2012 and with Team GB rocking the Olympics held in our fine capital, what better time to celebrate patriotic style - cue The English Tee Shop! Emblazoned with quirky and/or humourous English dictionary definitions and phrases, all of these luxurious T-shirts are made from 100% super soft micro modal and feature unfinished hems for a relaxed feel. The print on each is printed on the inside to create a worn, faded look and there is label detailing on the reverse. These versatile Tee’s will make a versatile edition to any fashionista’s wardrobe or bunting clad street!

To A Tee - £55

The ‘To A Tee - perfectly, or exactly in the right way’ Tee demands a prim and proper accompaniment. Team with a pleated chiffon skirt, a beaded Peter-Pan collar and messy up-do for a ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ vibe. Natural make up and a bee-stung lip will enhance your natural beauty while you can toughen up with boots or stay delicate with embellished flats for a lovely summertime look. Think Emma Watson’s new red carpet style. Read More.....

Let's Fly Away With Elsie Belle

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

elsie-belle-come-fly-with-me-necklaceElsie Belle’s designs are as cute as a button. With everything from bunny motifs to whale pendants, it is the place to bring out your childhood loves. Every piece holds sentimentality with waves of nostalgia, everything with a wholly antique feel. Read More.....

Cara Tonkin - Remarkably Romantic Jewellery

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Cara Tonkin’s coveted pieces can be perfectly described as delicate. Elegant. Timeless. They are simple, yet of complicated design, classic but contemporary. Tonkin’s love for antiques is clear in her designs, with each piece encompassing historical touches, from exotic shapes to art deco styles. Her beautiful collection aims to transport the wearer through different imageries, from fantasy to romance, through her use of sculpture and jewels. Her jewellery is a collection of themes, from decadence to mysticism, making the wearer feel both the glamour and the cultural inspirations.



This stunning ring is gold vermeil with a contrasting amethyst stone, the gold and purple perfectly projecting a regal feel. With a matching necklace, it is still understated whilst being divinely luxurious. Read More.....

NANUKK - Drape Yourself With Decadence

Monday, August 13th, 2012


Autumn’s fast approaching and whilst it’s a little bit too chilly to be sitting around in a tea dress, you can’t be pulling out your winter woollies just yet. Luckily NANUKK’s collection of limited edition scarves mean you can keep cosy without looking like a wimp. With all their pieces made in England, they certainly know the temperatures the average Brit is exposed to whilst their stunning, illustrative designs speak of the exotic climbs you wish you could escape to. Here are our favourite picks that’ll have envious necks craning in your direction… Read More.....

Meet Our Bloggers – Stephanie Harlow

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Take five minutes out with a nice cup of tea and get to know the lovely Stephanie Harlow, another amazing guest blogger here at

As a Fine Art graduate with a high 2:1 I expected to breeze into a highly paid, enjoyable job… Hello recession! Needless to say that didn’t happen and with the birth of my beautiful daughter in 2010, dreams of a fashion/art career seemed to slip further and further away… Until I got used to motherhood that is. It’s a cliché I know, but since my girl made her appearance in this world, so did the confidence I didn’t realize I was lacking, and a new passion for all things creative powered by my drive to provide for this little person. Her dad wasn’t in the picture but instead of struggling and dressing for comfort, I reveled in looking my best and being a strong female my daughter could look up to. Read More.....

Jet Away With Jinty Jones

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Well into the summer months and the weather has been changing more than we all change our underwear. Most of the country, in fact world, has been swept with Olympic fever. For those of you who haven’t and who have purposefully booked your holidays later this year, to escape the chaos and the rain, swimwear is sure to be on your mind.
It is fundamental when planning a holiday, whether home or abroad, at the beach or by the pool, when you are strutting your stuff and catching that tan, you want to stand out for all the right reasons.
New to is Jinty Jones Swimwear. The British designers reasonably priced collection albeit small, has something for everyone, but be quick, there is only a limited number available in each print. I have been that girl in a High Street costume that two or three girls are wearing, so this will sure to make your holiday that extra bit special whether you’ve stuck to your diet or not.

Red Bow Style Bikini with Giraffe Print Detail

This bold colour will look great when that tan has started to take full effect. The halterneck tie looks multi-coloured from a distance but up close intricate drawings of giraffes are printed on it. Adorable. And for those worried about strap marks, no need, these straps are detachable and there are side bones for support which makes me love it even more. The usual dilemmas I have have been solved in this one bikini, but wait there are more. It's also available in brown with a lizard print detail.

jinty-jones-red-bow-style-bikini-with-giraffe-print-detailjinty-jones-red-bow-style-bikini-with-giraffe-print-detail2 Read More.....

Go Ape For Printmonkey London

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

We’ve hit August and by now all those long summer days should have you looking brown and glowing with health. Or not. Luckily, London based T-shirt company, Printmonkey London’s edgy, graphic designs mean you don’t need a Mediterranean tan to look hot. Cleverly combining quirky prints with a complete lack of pretentiousness, their dedication to fair trade practises and quality fabrics make them a seriously cool customer. Whether braving it in bare arms or pairing with a blazer in the evening, you’ll soon want to be wearing their collection of tees, crops and vests 24/7. Here’s some of our favs…


Still going strong and not likely to fade away soon, this Aztec Vest is channelling a top trend of the summer. Printed on high quality organic 100% cotton jersey, with a sweeping neckline and a loose, effortlessly cool fit, Printmonkey deems this their perfect vest! With all their designs available in small, medium and large you can be sure to get the ultimate fit and if you disagree, their no quibble returns policy means it’s no hassle to send it back. Read More.....