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How do you describe to people what you do and your design style?

Kopé comes from the Greek word, ‘Perikopḗ’, meaning a cutting from a sacred writing. Kopé collections encapsulate our values, aesthetics and conversations with a global community of makers. Each piece by Kopé is from a larger material that passes through the lives and hands of many craftspeople and makers who have given their time and skills to make these magnificent pieces that we can love and care for.

Kopé connects their stories, creating the emotional value that infuses each piece. Kopé marries traditional craft techniques with global fashion as the finest products are crafted by the finest quality fabrics. Kopé collections currently include a wide selection of scarves and textile accessories like silk and linen bags as well as constantly working towards expanding into new product categories.

Kopé is not defined by any specific age group but by joy, confidence, style, and elegance. The design is inspired by traditional patterns which are blended with multiple colours and mixed in a unique contemporary way to provide impeccably designed pieces.

We unleash talent and endorse sustainable fashion with ethical sourcing.

What sort of comments do you get about your designs?

People are very impressed by the colour combinations which make the scarves versatile to wear, literally in any occasion. They also comment on the high quality and softness of the pieces.

Some indicative customers’ comments:

‘’Lovely, soft cashmere scarf.’’

“These scarves are super cool – They-re really unique and beautiful, and also very soft.”

“I recently bought a scarf made by Kopé and it is one of the most beautiful textiles I’ve ever seen.’’ – Margo Selby

“It is very apparent that the brand has an established collection with a cohesive hand-writing.” – Harrods Buyer

What is your background?

I am a Textiles Designer with a Master’s in Design from Manchester School of Art. Before launching the brand, I have worked extensively in the textiles industry as a designer and simultaneously as a researcher within the craft sector to revive traditional craft techniques.

Which designers do you rate highly and why?

I highly value Hermes and Oscar de la Renta as they both have built a really strong brand identity through design cohesiveness. For instance, you can always tell which scarf is made by Hermes and this is what makes a brand meaningful and successful over decades.

Tell us about your design process from concept, production and to the shelves…

I start with identifying a craft technique that I would like to use and go on to creating a mood board. For me the most important task is to understand the limitations and extensions of the chosen craft technique and further work our designs around that. Once the designs are finalised, they are sent out for production to small craft groups. Since all of our production takes place overseas, technology has really helped us in our communication with all our artisans. The good communication and relationships we have achieved to build with our artisans help us deliver our products and make them available to our brand lovers in time.

How do you think your brand has developed?

Despite being a new brand, we are happy to say that our strong brand identity and unique product design has kept our brand at the top of our customers’ minds. Our collaborations with artists, artisans and master craftsmen are key on reflecting our brand image and success. Our customers keep remembering our products and coming back to us for the new collections. We are very satisfied with this result and it is our priority to keep increasing our brand loyalty.

What do you dislike most about your job?

Nothing really. I love my job.  I take every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow as an entrepreneur.

What are your main achievements and what do you aim to achieve now? Past present and future

Showing our work at one of the best shows in England, being a part of the London Design Festival for instance and associating/collaborating with prestigious brands like the Selvedge Magazine have been great achievements for the brand. We are proud of our collaborations with artists and artisans from Britain, Italy and India. In the future we aim to bring on board talents from many more countries.

What advice would you have for anyone starting out in (your field)?

Do it only if you’re really passionate about it as it is not just a job but a lifestyle!

Why do you think British design stands out on the global stage?

I think Britain has a long history of being a world leader in Arts and that in combination with their focus on innovation and technology makes British design one of the top globally.


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