5 Mins With Accessories Designer Lisan Ly

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How do you describe to people what you do and your design style?

A high end label made with a lot of love in London! The customer is the centre of what we do. The label was born from a love of creating beautiful products for style lovers seeking original prints on premium fabrics. The style is playful and fun but also elegant and sophisticated. Prints are created using interests in travel, cultures and architecture and added with a modern oriental twist.

What sort of comments do you get about your designs?

They love it and my designs make them feel happy when they wear it and the quality of the fabrics are of high quality.

What is your background?

I have a background in digital media and IT. A few years ago, I decided to change career direction to fashion and now I have gained experience in Womenswear, accessories and print design. I also have experience on the technical side of fashion garment construction and patten cutting.

Which designers do you rate highly and why?

I love Erdem, Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane, Iris Van Herpen. They push the boundaries of creativity and are constantly using new innovative fabrics and techniques. You do not know what to expect next. I also rate Ellie Saab, the epitome of class and timeless elegance.

Tell us about your design process from concept, production and to the shelves…

Starting off with trend and print research. This is then taken into the design stage, where the research is developed further with CAD/technical drawings. Then we get samples developed from various factories and source fabric samples from various suppliers. The product is only launched when we are satisfied with the design, make and quality of the product.

How do you think your brand has developed?

The brand has developed naturally with goals and targets in mind in terms of what brand we want to be, what type of product we want to create and our target markets we want to cater for.

What do you dislike most about your job?

Probably having to deal with other parts of running a business which takes away more time for designing. You have to be very active in terms of marketing and sales of your brand if you want to be successful.

What are your main achievements and what do you aim to achieve now? Past present and future

Chosen as ambassador of British talent representing Gola Sports and becoming a semi finalist in the international competition Muuse & Vogue Talent Accessories Award. I have recently been approached by Glamour magazine and Mobo Fashion Award. What I aim to achieve in the next few years is to expand my product range and continue to delight customers. I aim to showcase at London Fashion week with a Womenswear collection in the future.

What advice would you have for anyone starting out in (your field)?

I would strongly recommend getting as much experience as you can before starting your own label, getting a business mentor and speaking to as many people you can who run their own label. It is essential to learn how to market and sell products, managing cash flow along side designing and developing products. Without a good understanding of marketing, no one would really know about your product and if you are not making any sales, it would really be an expensive hobby, rather than a business. Above everything mentioned, I think guts, determination and a strong belief in yourself is what will give you the drive to make it a success.

Why do you think British design stands out on the global stage?

I think we have great design talent in the UK, we are known for our amazing prints and pushing the boundaries. We only need to look at London Fashion week to see what great talent we have. We also have talent in the various markets and pop ups around London.


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