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5 Mins with British Lingerie Brand Arabel

Friday, July 18th, 2014

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How do you describe to people what you do and your design style?

My design style is flirty, feminine and effortlessly chic.

What sort of comments do you get about your designs?

Petite women looking for a special lingerie set for their wedding night and honeymoon often contact me. They say how happy they are to find lingerie in their size that fits properly and makes them feel beautiful and sophisticated.

What is your background?

I was passionate about fashion designand luxury lingerie for years. However, I noticed though that many stores didn't carry my size and when they did the bras were often heavily padded and not at all me. I found I either had to sacrifice fit or style. I had always loved sewing so I decided to start learning how to make lingerie that fit me properly and looked beautiful.

Which designers do you rate highly and why?

In terms of lingerie I love Made By Niki, especially their innovative use of materials. They really knows how to dress a female figure! For fashion I adore Alexander Mcqueen and Karl Lagerfeld (but who doesn't?). (more...)

5 Mins With Accessories Brand: Sunita Mukhi

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

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How do you describe to people what you do and your design style?

My designs depict elegance and style; perfectly portrayed by the extremely stylish Anna Dello Russo, the impeccable fashion icon that was spotted wearing my designs. Each of my bags has a story behind it of a great woman; the capsule collection, embraced for its striking detail and character, celebrates women who have not had an easy time achieving greatness but even in the face of daunting odds, have still managed to rise to the top. Additionally, the use of the Evil Eye symbol (being a sign of protection and good luck) along with bright and vibrant colours put together makes my bags in this collection stand out.

What sort of comments do you get about your designs?

They are original, unique and outstandingly stylish.

What is your background?

I was born and raised by my Indian parents in Malta, exposed to sumptuous fabrics from a very young age due to my family’s textile business. Additionally experiencing a new world of deluxe cultures and exotic fabrics with my stay in Nigeria, Africa. I had an interest in fashion and design from a very young age; because of my very beautiful and creative mother and my father’s opulent and luxurious textiles business. This interest was always within me but emerged after I moved away from the family (more...)