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British Jewellery Designer Julianah Rotimi talks to

Monday, October 14th, 2013

How do you describe to people what you do and your design style?

I am a goldsmith/ designer who is confident in my individuality and uniqueness and my work is an extension of my self. I would describe my work as elegantly edgy and original and my design style challenges people’s perceptions of mainstream jewellery.

What sort of comments do you get about your designs?

I love exhibitions where I connect with my audience more. I see a lot of surprise, misunderstanding and then understanding especially with the One Off Punisher collection pieces. Although the claws look menacing and evoke emotions of pain and curiosity sitting on a Perspex block, once on the body, it transforms into an elegant piece. I offer people the opportunity to wear them while I talk about the concept - watching the transition of their expression is the reason I enjoy what I do. They leave saying my designs are original and memorable.

What is your background?

Of Nigerian origins, I am a mother of three sons who found her passion a bit later in life. Growing up, I was a fussy jewellery buyer, always feeling there was something missing.  Returning to studies when my youngest was old enough to attend school on his own, I completed my FdA in Fashion Jewellery at Sir John Cass in 2010 and went on to achieve a First Class Ba (Hons) in Silversmithing, Goldsmithing and Jewellery in 2011 from the University for the Creative Arts.

Which designers do you rate highly and why? (more...)

Interview with founder of British IB brand Scaline

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Anne-Sophie Koehler is the Creative Director of Scaline, a brand that wants to bridge the gap between business, casual, and designer wear. She is based in London.

Q: Please describe your style in three words.

Comfortable. Elegant. Cosmopolitan.

Q: What is the biggest mistake one can make when getting dressed?

I think it is trying too hard. Combine this with uncomfortable clothes and the wish to copy another person, and you will have a total ‘getting dressed’ disaster.

Q: What are your favourite fabrics?

Stretchy fabric, such as a jersey, as it is comfortable to wear. Besides that, I would say denim—I love the heritage, durability and diversity.

Q: Are there any style combinations that you object to?

Style should be mixed. An outfit which perfectly matches such as the same colours or the same brand can sometimes cause the opposite effect.

Q: Would you say that you are conservative or bold?
Well, considering that I design casual-business wear, I would say that I am still trying to find the perfect balance. (more...)

IB Talks to recently joined designer Leona Lengyel

Friday, October 11th, 2013

How do you describe to people what you do and your design style?

I create exquisite luxury silk scarves for people who love statement piece and appreciate quality, versatility and longevity. My scarves are digitally reproduced onto luxurious silk satin and silk crepe de chine from my hand painted original silk scarves as I was looking for a way to transform my original paintings into wearable art. I have created a unique and modern style while following the traditional techniques of silk painting. All my scarves are signed with my artist signature ‘Léna’ that was established from a young age when I started to paint with oil and acrylic.

What sort of comments do you get about your designs?

Recently I have showcased my scarf collection at Pure London Fashion Exhibition. Buyers and visitors found it very impressive that I hand paint the original designs on silk then I digitally print them onto silk satin. They loved the vibrant colours and how unique and imaginative my designs are.

What is your background?

My love for art and design started at an early age in Hungary where I was born and raised in a very creative family of jewellers. My passion is to paint for hours on end,

encapsulating my playful imagination onto canvas and silk. During the last couple of years I mixed my love affair with painting and my passion for fashion accessories.

Which designers do you rate highly and why?


IB talks to a new addition to the IB family - British clothing brand, Yvalio

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

How do you describe to people what you do and your design style?

YVAILO is BOLD, FUN, UNIQUE yet at all times STYLISH. We dress the individuals with a passion for distinctive sense for clothes.

What sort of comments do you get about your designs?

“This is really UNIQUE”.

What is your background?

MA in Fashion Marketing; MA and BA in Accounting. Different between, however great symbiosis between creativity and finance.

Which designers do you rate highly and why?

Dries Van Noten for staying original and ever-changing in a very trend driven industry.

Azzedine Alaia – for the real, coming-to-extinction craftsmanship.

Tell us about your design process from concept, production and to the shelves… (more...)

IB Talks to British Based Jewellery Designer Sam Seveine

Friday, October 4th, 2013

How do you describe to people what you do and your design style?

I say to people that I am a "statement goods" designer, and that I like to unleash the 'uniqueness" we all have inside of us, through my statement designs.

I like to call my style "Glam-warrior".... Because this is the essence we can see  in each design, from earrings to necklaces.

 What sort of comments do you get about your designs?

I always wear my jewellery wherever I am, especially since i've moved to London people alawya ask me about the pieces i'm wearing, me where I got it from, when i say i'm the designer, they are very enthusiastic..

Customer's tell me that my designs make them feel more confident and powerful...It is great to hear and is exactly the energy I want my jewellery to bring.

 What is your background?

I have started my carreer as a women "pap" fashion designer in Paris(where I grew up), I've worked in full time employment for 5 years until the day I accidentally met a local  jewelry designer. I was impressed by her work!!!  I had never thought about jewelry making...But we became friends, and I helped her with her collections....I completly fell in love with it...Since that time, i've never stopped....


Which designers do you rate highly and why?

As a French native , I rate the edgyness and uniqueness of Jean Paul Gaultier...I've always been a big fan of his designs. I'm also a fan of Balmain, Balenciaga and emerging designers such as Catherine Malandrino and Anne Valerie Hash. All of these designers show edgyness and such a strong personality in their design but remain (more...)